Sunday, April 13, 2014

The nest

I look at your body lying there.
The thumbtacked curtains allow
soft light through the night.
and your body lying there
on a nest 
on my floor 
in my room 
next to my bed...
at my finger's reach, 
so close.
To touch you
Oh, to touch you
to touch you with my lips
to kiss you soft
as the pillow is soft 
against your sleep soft lips...
lips soft as of now
but that can curl and sneer
and growl in between the grins!
There is a harshness in your smile
a cruelty 
that you innocently project...
like a beautiful animal
that does not know 
that it scorns a tender heart.
I think of touching you
and breath alone instead.
In soft sleep
your body contracts and yanks 
from my thoughts.
You whimper and moan 
through your breaths of sleep.
I think of the times 
that you want me to pounce
and I breath out a rush of lust.
But my hunting prowess 
is out of practice
if it ever were in practice.
Ill pounce if I am primed and pissed
hand me a beer 
so that I am not so referential...
because I look at you 
as a worshiper his god
with reverence
and complete love.
I passion through the night
and softly you awake 
in the winter light...
and soft I place my touch
on your  face.
And you turn to me,
and smile...
with honesty.