Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rumble Rumble Rumble

stomach rumble
with an animal intensity
empty arms
empty stomach
empty mouth
blind white impulse to bite the air
with shark teeth
to feed, feed the hunger,
feed the desperate blind desire
blindly fumbling through the fuzzy black atmospheres.

grabbing and eating-eating and grabbing broken bits of fodder found, words found, meaning found passing in the murk and seized with awful invisible feelers to nourish the empty rumbling animal, appetite nourished niggardly on broken bits, on broken lips of mushed face with sad eyes, on flashing images of twisted bodies sticking things in places where they don't belong, on green trains and the ephemeral eyes of boys in queasy yellow light with sad eyes of black, blue eyes, green eyes, no eyes, hidden portals behind black lagoons reflecting the rumble’s desire, on busy street and passing smiles of little blue topped grand ma-ma’s buying peanut butter for her toothless mouth, and ointment for her withered twisted hands, on old pictures of him and him together, alone, dancing, hugging, touching, kissing, fucking, on empty bile rising from the mushy empty from lack of lunch from lack of dinner from lack of anything “so sorry but, sorry, but, sorry, but, sorry”

but it all nourishes in drops
nourishes a love
nourished a hate
most of all it nourishes a hatred, most of all a hatred for mushed faces with broken lips and sad eyes.

nourishes from slimy alleys and pissed on corners, shiny buildings in new york city that touch the clouds that pass through branches, broken sidewalk, creaky trains, frost cold buses, nourished drop by drip by drop from hollow banks, empty yellow taxis, movie halls for one, pink neon sex arcades, slick halls of museums, galleries filled with the same broken lips, to lip, to lip.

Broken bottles, broken line, broken promise, broken date, broken heart, broken biscuits, broken drive, broken nose, broken toes, broken body, I already mentioned broken sidewalks, broken arrow, broken friendships, broken lips on mushed faces that part and belch with emphasis of its emptiness, emphasis of their emptiness...