Friday, May 01, 2009

close your petals

You gave birth to yourself
fruit and flower simultaneously
from the primeval mud
fumes of breath open and close each day,
sweet and thirsty...
comforted by his presence, his embrace, his body
you move towards god. Towards ...
a godliness, a type of godliness
a heaven, a type of heaven
a devotion, a primal devotion.
Like a lotus bloom floating to a head
growing towards a greatness
you spread roots, spread petal energy, feeling
for him... for you
thorough ripples of time
that rebound from banks made of memories.
You have committed a murder...
his face, his body, his cock, as the weapon...
God’s weapon, he brandishes it like a coward
his tongue hanging out licentiously!
He is a loaded gun
blasting all that is sacred to bits,
you find traces of it in crowded restaurants, cold museums,
your only room...
traces in branches of trees in parks, in the sun’s tightening rays,
in the moon’s soothing glare...
you find bits of it on your dinner plate
on which you place offerings to him,
on your body on which you offer to him,
on your mind on which the offers seem to crowd.
Rootlets are pickled.... stamen, seeds and nuts are dried and crushed to
feed...however whomever you need to feed.
Your death is their reward.
What a trick, what a trick, what a trick.
Ignorant fingers caress a torso and carve an “x”,
to fell the stupid thing ...
your death is his reward.
Fumes of deadly breath spill from his yapping hole.
You are a religious crisis.
He is a form of torture.
Your heart is fatal.
You died giving birth to yourself.
Passing for real is an art form...
a real go getter, a real pain, a real dick, a dick, a dick!
His embrace is like a comfort that you cant touch
His silence is a form of torture.
Celestial siblings, raindrops, cool the thirst
Fifteen fingers spread simultaneously
seedcase full and eager to give, opens.
Purity of body, purity of speech, purity of mind,
piercing the primordial mud and choppy waters
like a lotus in the ocean.
You have never seen the ocean but know its depths
you feel its depths... like raindrops on the surface
you are connected,
the ocean and you.
As the rain is part of it, the ocean,
so are you...
you, hyper aware...
of your perennial, creation and rebirth
you close your petals
close your petals
close your beautiful petals....
breathe...and be born!