Sunday, January 26, 2014

what I want

I want
you to fuck me
delicately, roughly
you decide, you’re the man…
but start slowly…
‘cause, I’m a lady.
But fuck me,
slide your cock inside of me
your balls slapping against…
my ass cheeks…
my perennial divide…
you decide, you know why.

I want
to hold you
to press your nakedness
to mine
to press your lips
to mine
to press my lips
to your neck
to your belly
to your cock
your balls
your ass.

I want
to suck your cock
to feel the soft
stiffness of
your plump head
slipped passed my lips
pressed against my tongue
until you bump
the back of my throat’s
sticky softness
pull out
slide in
and out
of my slucking mouth

I want
to place my lips
to your asshole
to purse my lips
to your tight hole
to probe my tongue
inside your pucker
to hear you moan

I want
to fuck you
face to face
sitting up
in my arms embrace
your tight waist
your arms
around my neck
your legs
around my hips
Indian style
your cock
in between our bellies
You slide around my cock
Yes, face to face
and we kiss…
ah, to kiss…
to kiss…
again, and again...

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