Friday, July 27, 2007

Salute to a Serpentine Swear

Blackness of your duplicity
reflected in facets of my diamond tears
that travel the coldness of murk.

I hear your voice
god like
the filaments of my memory
lie entangled
pass like a whisper on a bluster of wind.

You feel me through the nebula
you keep connected to a throbbing mess
of viscid spirit ardently adhered
with the slop of swollen devotion.

I see who you speak to…
I see who you are…
I see you…
through you.

Diseased pre cum glops from your lips
in words
Deadly deception belied
by your tactless activities of undignified divulgence.

I massage my fleshy heart
feeling it for fear that it will stop
caressing the ache
rubbing the damage
panging it into life.

I throb my head
onto my broken shoulders
trembling my spine
faithfully waiting for the next big bang.