Sunday, July 16, 2006


I was walking home from the tube stop, and I noticed a man trapped between two cars. He was bleeding and screaming for help. There wasnt anyone in the vehicles, I dont know how he got trapped. Well, everyone around seemed not to notice him. I called the police and an ambulance, while I was doing that someone finaly moved one of the cars. I stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. He was sobbing, and bleeding so much. I couldnt understand what he was saying, I think he may have been speaking chinese. All I could do was to keep saying its going to be alright. the whole time wanting to cry and make him better. I dont think he understood my words, but he understood my emotion, my face, and my concern. He was an older man maybe late 60's, I was so shaken by this. The person that moved the car thanked me for making the call. It bothered me that some people just walked on by, not wanting to get involved, hoping someone else would deal with it. It was scary to think that your life can be crushed out of you.
Poor guy, I hope he is ok.