Tuesday, December 31, 2013

strangler in the mist

on copious delusion

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Freedom Bound

Sing your freedom!
kindred kinsman!
Sing your freedom!

Our freedom is 
shaping time
shaping space.

  Be free from the
forced control of the

Speak... YOWL! When not spoken to.

Form your secret thoughts 
              and be free
to feel them
let them live.

To be right, on the path
to wholeness,
       on occasion...
be wrong.

Uphold your humanness!
Defend your humanity!
Obtain your wholeness!

Freedom gives the space to BE.
      My love.
BE who you are.

Your freedom gives faith
to mine. 

So we can dance 
together creating our many

So that we are whole 
            making shapes 
body to body

all of us
by the invisible strings
of our 
woven universe.

My life is you 
and you 
are ALL!
                       WE ARE ALL!

Boundless, through
the connectivity...
for we are many
and one connected.

Celestial siblings!
I can feel you through time!
I can taste you through space!
I see you, all of you.

I swallow you whole
like God, in reverse,
                      and you grow inside of me.

I swallow you
to free you
to give birth to you

so that you can sing           wholly.