Wednesday, November 27, 2013

and it slinks

and the gloomy blue slinks on me

deep and thick...choking almost
and it steals away the pink
it steals away the pink. 

It is YOU. 
You turning away 
from my gaze and lean
when I want to kiss
kiss you
kiss your neck
kiss your cheek
kiss your lips
open your mouth
and I will kiss your tongue
and suck it pinkishly.
I want you to tingle at my touch
as my tickled nostrils tingle at the
taste of your breath, slipping
from your naked mouth
and your slick lips.
Let me kiss you
all of you
all over
all the time.

Close your eyelids
and I will kiss them
with gentle pecks
so that you dream 
sweetest dreams.
Like that of my dream
of kissing you.

Kissing you
out of the blue.

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