Saturday, January 24, 2009

Biscuits anyone?

Just to dream, to touch you, I dream I float...
I stretch above you
I gaze down upon your body and study you.
The bed is a map and you the rivers mountains and trees.
Your long legs with the soft brown hairs have kicked
the sheets from your torso, exposing the exposed.
You lie, you always lie, lie there in your bright blue briefs,
and a shirt too tight for you.
I trace your sinews with my eye, both my eyes.
Your profile against that red pillow invites a kiss,
as rhythmic breath of sweet wine and cheap weed
passes your slack lips.
I reach to touch you and every quiet pain
every strong pulse stays my hand.
I am a dreamer...
I see the Him of the hims from before
in your body...I see the Him that is you
the you that stays my hand.
I see the many Hims that will always be,
I see him within you, within my dreams,
the him, just beyond my touch.
I dream of not dreaming...
dreaming of your kiss...
which has hit me square between the thighs...
um, square between the eyes.
I care for you, illicitly.
Alone in my moments of tenderness,
I care for you against your wishes.
I feign my casualness for your face...
for the face of the others, all the others.
Your face buried in that red pillow
doesn't know my tender gaze,
or perhaps you know...and I romanticize.
OH, whisper of your name,
Oh, I whisper a sonic kiss that is your name.
A kiss that escapes my fight not too share.
I have crashed into my road
from a heaven, a sort of heaven.
Broken again
broken bits, broken tits, broken biscuits.
This old ghost, is a poor pilot.
This is how I close my eyes, to feel myself,
my desire.
This is how I touch my own torment,
this is how I touch my ache,
instead of touching you.
This is how I touch the infiniteness.
I float again, and span the mundane,
filling with the infiniteness that is my desire.
My desire, that is beyond a touch,
that is beyond a kiss,
that is beyond insensitivity
that is beyond rejection
that is beyond you
far from callousness,
far from happiness
far from companionship
far from reality
the reality of touching you.
Infinite, even beyond my own dreams
Infinite even beyond my dreams of touching you.