Friday, June 22, 2007

Papasito Chulo You’re My Fantasy

I fantasize about you Papa.
I fantasize about your beautiful face Papa.
I fantasize about your lovely body Papa.
I fantasize about you Papa.

I fantasize about kissing your lips with deep throated smoothness
hard and soft
quick heavy breaths
blind tonguing of your tongue
grabbing your neck pushing our faces together in intimate ferocity.

I fantasize about biting your neck in slippery love scrape
pinching tender soft skin between my teeth
as your head, your eyes, your vibrations roll back-deep exhale
you find my lips, my face, my neck-impatient inhale

I fantasize about teething your nipples teasingly teething
tonguing down your pale body in the darkness
savouring your armpit funk
smelling the delicate skin of your inside arm
feeling your guiding goosebumps kissing my way down your frame

I fantasize about holding your body tight
we lengthen and contract our backs our arms our legs.
Reaching around to spread your ass cheeks as I kiss you,
kiss your lips, kiss your chest, kiss your stomach.

I fantasize about spreading your legs licking your inner thigh
brushing against your hard expecting cock
not touching it
teasingly tracing it with my cheek.

Papa, I want to kiss you.
Kiss your balls, put them in my mouth and pull away
watch them spring back in slow motion.
Put my face in your soft sack suffocating for an eternal moment
grab your fleshy nuts and squeeze tightly
watch You arch your back in pleasured pain.
Preview of your cum face.

Papa, I want to stroke your veiny cock
hard strong straight stiff cock.
Lick your plump pulsing purple rose petal head
lap the dew drops from your dick slit
feel the ridge of your crown bump against the inside of my top lip.
Stroke your cock hard-then slide it slow
in my hand, in my mouth, in my throat.

Papa, I want your hand on the back of my neck
shove my nose into your prickly clipped pubes.
Gag me on your hefty cock for an instant
moan with pleasure at my delectable discomfort

Papa, I want to put your knees to your chest
spread your ass in cushy anticipation
want to rim your butthole
feel my chin against the curving crevice of your ass.
Thumbingly stretching your pucker
My licking flicking tongue moistly kissed by your supple muscle.

I want to devour you inside out
I want to smell my spit on your ass
I want to fuck you
I want to kiss you
To stick my dick inside you
To have you under me
To have you beside me
To have you on top of me
To hold you tight to me as I fuck you
To have you writhe on me as I fuck you
To pump your cock as I fuck you
To kiss you as I fuck you
To feel your ring tighten on my cock
To force it hard past your tightness
To feel your moment of ecstatic weakness
To have you come on me as I come in you
Complete connectivity.

Time stops, time stops, stops, stops, stops

I fantasize about you lying on top of me chest to chest
sticky connection, innocent smooth kisses.

I fantasize about you Papa.

-Diego February 21, 2007

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