Thursday, November 16, 2006

P.M. and you’re on my Brain

You’ve…you have me vibrating
my my my
distant muse.

My liquid identity gives me aura
that I try to pretend to be…
that I pretend…that I am.

Your fixed face combusts my motors.
Your curved smile crooks me, crooks my heart, hearts my body.

I reach out to connect steeped in
restless anxiousness.

Your coy comments parallel my fear
fear, kept still by timid distance.

My tremble is stayed and dismayed by this distance.

Still, by timid distance, enigmatic persona is created and kept…
perhaps private pinning is preferable in this position.

Unreserved attraction fuels
my my my
pulsing engines.

My sight is heavy and I’m lead
by a heaving heart.

Reciprocity of word promotes the hyper un-real
that my eye prefers to see.

Even the sluggishness of reality oozing its realness
does not,
knot or distort your image.

I lie…lulled lovingly…by flashing text…
my distant distraction…

You’ve…you have mused my mind.


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