Monday, August 28, 2006


Jean Cocteau is one of my idols, His work, and life inspire me. I only recently discovered that there is a mural of his here in London. I made a definite effort one weekend to see it, I was awed to think this man created these lines, his very hand, touched these walls. Here are some photos, they do not in anyway give it the justice that it deserves, but I thought I could peak your intrest and have you make a trek to this church when in London.
The Church Notre Dame Du France, 5 Leicester Place • London WC2H 7BX

Here is the man himself (well, his self portrait), a bit of the mural, and me later.
I think my photo is a bit caravaggio-esque, No?

Ah, the sensitive artist...MY, My, My, Im a sucker for the melodramatic!
Kisses, ya'll.

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