Sunday, November 19, 2006

morning pine

Crossed legged hunch on living room floor
scribbling scribbles of a dream
early winter sun hot on my back-
bright soothe through cold window.

That familiar face forever remembered-
looked in me, remembered me, and leaned into my lean.
Spoken - no words only closed eyes and
familiar passion as lips connect.

Wet smooth kissing on-to long licking
on tongue on cheek on neck on body
return to hard secret kiss-
only knowing lovers know.

Deep breath exhale
followed with quick trembling inhale
Our bodies our hands our faces our cocks rub together.

Clutching-seeking hands grip each other tight
connecting every inch, body to body.
Hands-fingers seeking
butt mouth asshole cock, heart on heart.

Spit dick penetrate deep inside
hold tight, hard cock against belly, hold tight
never let go, never let go.
Balls against ass, don’t let go
upside lying down, rolling sitting up
hold tight, tight hole
never let go, never let go.
Arms holding tight, body to sweaty body
Don’t let go, never let go.
Arms embrace clutchingly, Legs squeeze in closely
dick inside, chest to chest, neck to neck, head to head lovingly-
longingly loving
sweetly loving
solely loving.

Legs, arms, tongues, cocks, lips, hands, pressing each other
don’t let go, afraid to let go
hold on tight, don’t let go
don’t let go, don’t let me go
hold on, hold on
don’t let go
don’t go

Dropped tears on scribbled ink
holding on to last night’s
lost dream.

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