Wednesday, October 18, 2006

5 am morning thoughts of birthday wants…

5 am morning thoughts of birthday wants…

I’ve only ever wanted one and only one thing but I can’t have him, he doesn’t want… my heart, my body…miss him. EWWW!!! Yuck, too much…too much...
Mush, mush, mush.
Give me a designing women reunion with Charlene and not her blonde cousin. Also Patsy and Eddie, Golden Girls, New Thundercats episodes.
I want to do a cameo on the Cosby show, one of Denise’s friends; I want to be Claire Huxtable.
I want to be in a re-make of Auntie Mame playing Vera with more lines.
I want re-makes of old classics to stop being made.
I want new movies to stop being called classics.
I want to share a classic coke and Jack Daniels with Tracey Emin, and then I want her to make a move on me on a feather filled gold taffeta embroidered duvet.
I want Saatchi to suck my sculptures cock…or at least pay for it. £100,000-£500,000 will do.
I want a time machine so that I can party with the original Cockettes in their prime and the lot at 54, so that I can dance with Josephine Baker, Loie Fuller, Martha Graham, so that I can drink with and from Walt Whitman, Ginsberg, Baudelaire, Byron and the boys. So that I can Kiss Cocteau and Picasso sweetly-crookedly on the cheek,
I want a safe tube ride without chavs trying to stab me. Well, I don’t mind a good chav stabbing in the right sense. NO. I’ve sworn off stabbings-4 ever.
I want a sunbrella that I don’t have to hold, one that floats over me like a giant magic mushroom cap.
I want a cigarette that doesn’t cause cancer.
I want a beer that won’t kill my liver.
I want a body that won’t die.
I don’t want to die.
I want to live forever.
I want my family to be healthy and happy.
I want to be happy.
I want Papa to be happy beside me till death do us part.
But I don’t want to die, till we never part.
I want you to wish me a happy birthday quietly without fuss, and then move along.
“Drop the much ado and step away from the faggot! And no sudden movements!”
That’s all I want for now.
Oh, and can a brother get a gallon of wood glue in this country, jesus!

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