Friday, June 22, 2007

Lust induced

tender skinned necked yellow boy
your heavy lidded blue eyes
your blonde brown curving eyelashes
your small pink lips dotting and kissing
your smooth fresh face
arrests me.

Your gold freckled sniffing nose tickles my inside
your bedded blonde hair tousles my touch.

Newly washed flaxen tresses prick near your red ear
small thick dry hands rub unsurely together-
between your boy thighs.
Crooked knees angle rightly
and black back pack grip between your certain feet..

You make your way surely through the day
unaware of your reactive presence golden voyager.
Time checked-noted-remembered!

Delicate lightly furrowed brow catches my eyes balling-
and your pucker tightens in my admiring sideways stare.
Eyes quick and blue avert with small tense muscles
head minutely ducking-swirling headlight stare-
breathing in breathing out smally.

Now your sideways search finds my stare,
unsure pull of a smile met by knowing grin-
in an innocent-in a guilty-rapport.

My ingenuous-illicit-illegal
Tender stranger

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