Monday, April 20, 2009

touching stars

in the woods,
a naked body floats in the river
a boy’s eyes touching stars
fragrances of summer stroke the flesh
pale skin glowing blue in the night
cool black water rushing passed
rushing the body along the river
rushing to posses what it already owns

alone with the night
alone in the night
alone with all the things in the darkness

the moon races with the body
tree limbs cast their speeding shadows
against floating skin
against the fullness of the moon

I died when I was a boy
and woke up a man
with a homesick core
floating there like a thing before you
for I love you most...
that is illusion
the love, the hurt, is an illusion imbued

Darkness, where all things come from
rivers, mountains, trees.
where all things come from
moon, sun ,stars.
where it all comes from
our blood, our sweat, our tears.

the thing that is you is also me
from the darkness we are
I am the river
I swallow the black water imbued
for we are one...I swallow
and plunge the body into the depths
and in the womblike depths
in the dark depths
the core breaths

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