Monday, November 24, 2008

Again and furthermore

"Friends. Friends. Friends.
It’s happened again.
Pearl for swine.
It is happened again."

This gift that you gave is complicated,
how does it work?
“Like clockwork at the cocks crow.”

First breath
your breath is sweet
lip to lip it deceives.

The breath only fills the space
of the hole that yowls
its muffled lies.

Curled tight as a fist,
tears water the treason,
soak squeaky bed.
Rusting coils
rub raw
in the middle
rub raw hipbones.

Scrunched face!
Your fat lies
and silent neglect grow
like a howl!
It fills hard the empty ache.
Flesh soft, is torn,
muscle broken,
gifts to agonizing ignorance.

Ignorant blind eye,
what does one face say as
the other is spoken to?

This is you friend.
This is you monster.
This is you hairless fowl.

Enchanting devil, longed for is your long look.
Your fat eyes hide the villain.

Captivating stranger, wanted is your touch, soft.
Your stone skin hides the crook.

This is you, you
This is you, you
This is you

You've crippled the crippled!

Hyper fat teeth gnash at the strings,
no, the silk threads,
made of moments spent,
filaments birthed from a damaged being.
They glide...unseen feelers
ripped mid flight.

Wolf, your wool stings.
You rip down the stag ,
you rip the stags throat,
the one that embraces you
embraces you still.

You rip out the infant!
You abort the friend,
steal its breath,
the one that embraces you
embraces you still.

it has happened again
at the end of the day
it has happened again. "

A savage gift from you, my
fiend fiend fiend.

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