Friday, November 21, 2008

can't see the forest, for the Tree

ON CUE, your span draws my sloppily sincere
my latent libidinous leanings

I lay under you
my tree
prostrate, face up
under your branches

I look beyond your limbs into the blue
ignoring your un-admiring
projections, blur-
as smoky signals pass by
I contemplate you
I contemplate me

I still admire your limbs
critically aware of
your unreturned affection

The sliver moon smiles knowingly
I'm embarrassed,
she passes through your branches
I ignore her
I ignore all

I press at the ache
I press the inside of my stomach to my spine
pressing at the pull, that pull
that pulls at my gut
that pulls at my heart
that pulls at my throat
that pools in my eyes
forcing an overflow

I focus on you
not the house of many eyes that wink at us
far beyond your branches
I ignore them
I ignore all

Your trunk
your roots
are my cradle
I reach for you
I reach around you
with my psychic energy
I hold you

Eyes closed
I dream you hold me
I think I hear your root crawl
around me
your long limbs bending
to touch me
sparse tender spring leaves
soft against my thighs
or is it your autumnal leaves
bumping off of my hot cheek
creating a bed of moist dry
bits of you

A bed that smells of you
that smells of earth.
I breath you in
filling my self with you
only to breath it back in

I open my eyes
to your cold stand
your shadowed limbs blacker
against the black night
the blackest night

Naked, I turn towards you
to face you
I press my body wholly against you
press my lips to you
compelling -imploring you
to press back

I lay naked upon you
naked against you
as the curtain draws
to a close

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